A brand new collection in the Cypherpunk universe of 7,777 NFTs


CypherPunk: Anarchists is the third most important collection in the Cypherpunk universe.

The total number of NFTs is 7,777.

Early members of the Discord community will have the opportunity to secure a spot on the whitelist. Please note that the whitelist assumes only 1,000 addresses and 1 NFT unit per address. The price for 1000 whitelisted users will be 0.03 ETH. The regular price is 0.07 ETH.

100 NFTs will also be allocated for our partners and for the most loyal members of the community.

All remaining NFTs, including those not purchased under the whitelist, will be available for 0.1 ETH.

You'll be able to find more detailed information on our blog and learn about future resolutions through the Roadmap.

Now, allow us to acquaint you with the first and rarest collection of Cypherpunks—the complete embodiment of the history and movement of the cyber industry.