Cypherpunk: Anarchists

A brand new collection in the Cypherpunk universe of 7,777 NFTs


CypherPunk: Anarchists is the third most important collection in the Cypherpunk universe.

The total number of NFTs is 7,777.

Early members of the Discord community will have the opportunity to secure a spot on the whitelist. Please note that the whitelist assumes only 1,000 addresses and 1 NFT unit per address. The price for 1000 whitelisted users will be 0.03 ETH. The regular price is 0.07 ETH.

100 NFTs will also be allocated for our partners and for the most loyal members of the community.

All remaining NFTs, including those not purchased under the whitelist, will be available for 0.1 ETH.

You'll be able to find more detailed information on our blog and learn about future resolutions through the Roadmap.

Now, allow us to acquaint you with the first and rarest collection of Cypherpunks—the complete embodiment of the history and movement of the cyber industry.



The most significant NFT collection of 30 pieces is the strongest instrument in the future of the project.


Anticipating a "New Bretton Woods moment" ...
Cypherpunk isn't just a collection, it's also the idea behind it.

From the moment of its conception until now, Cypherpunk has been undergoing recognition. To issue this collection now is to signal towards a new understanding of a changing reality.

Our goal is to present the actual meaning of money, time, and progress in today's day and age — to present a set of index numbers and set a basis for the meaning of true value, in an attempt to find what we, for the last few decades, have been looking for.

We're glad that it's finally taken shape and exists here for all of us.

This collection consists of 30 NFT images.
The starting bid for each subsequent NFT will increase by 15%. Each subsequent NFT goes on auction every week.
Some NFTs conceal valuable easter eggs.


  1. October 1, 2021

    Release of the CypherPunk NFT collection.

    The Cypherpunk NFT collection consists of 30 NFTs. Each NFT represents a notable figure involved in the Cypherpunk movement and in influencing the development of the cyber industry.
    Each figure has its own description, along with easter eggs that hint as to who they represent.

  2. December 1, 2021

    Release of the new "Cypherpunk: Rebels" collection.

    This collection consists of 3,000 pieces. You can apply to participate through our Discord.

    Whitelist launch

  3. December 2021

    Release of a video about the game in Megatown VR, which will display the transition process to a new financial system through game mechanics.

    December 15, 2021

    Open sale begins for the second Cypherpunk collection.

  4. February 2022

    Whitelist launch for "Cypherpunk: Anarchists" collection of 7777 NFT

  5. March 2022

    Sale start The collection will also include 30 unique Antagonist NFTs, which are the exact opposite of Cypherpunks and aim for total surveillance, financial control, and a ban on the free use of encryption and cryptocurrencies.

    All participants in the "Cypherpunk: Anarchists" sale will have a chance to get one of the 30 "Antagonists" NFTs. Like the 30 Cypherpunks, the 30 Antagonists will have unique benefits within the game being created:

    • Each cypherpunk and antagonist will have their own real estate in the cyber city
    • They will be able to use this property to receive important resources
    • They will become the leaders of their consignment in a global confrontation
  6. Q2 2022

    Release of two financial indexes

    The first “Reverse USD” index will be reflective of the dollar's devaluation against itself as a currency.

    The second index, "CexToDex", will reflect the transition process from the outdated, centralized financial system to a more modern, decentralized one.

  7. Q2-Q3 2022

    Launch of the Devouring USDT-USDR Pool

    The pool's aim is to accumulate USDT and issue as much USDR as possible for maximal, widespread token distribution, with a gradual collateral currency change from USDT to BTC.

  8. Q4 2022

    Launch of the game featuring Devouring pool associated mechanics and USDR as official in-game currency.

  9. Q1 2023

    New blockchain announcement

    Launch of the governance-friendly multi-node blockchain. The owners of the Cypherpunk collections will have their individual preferences on subsequent node layers. We want to close the existing seigniorage rights gap that is, unfortunately, only set to grow further under the "New Bretton Woods moment" plan.

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